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These exterior wooden patio doors were recently repainted a light grey colour to enhance the industrial aesthetic of the backyard and match the rest of the patio. 

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This indoor living space features concrete walls and flooring. To maintain the look of the room we simply patched the large holes in the walls and repainted with a neutral grey colour to match the natural finish of the concrete. 

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This patio deck had experienced stains and damage as a result of natural wear and the rainy weather patterns we have in Vancouver. The newly light grey paint now brightens the space and matches the rest of the patio's living area. 

By simply changing your interior wall colours you can make a world of a difference! Fresh paint is one of the easiest and most effective ways to remodel a dark and dull space.

Along with painting, we also offer garage sealing and painting/staining. This garage is now professionally sealed with a clear coat and repainted to prevent stains and damage and keep a fresh and new look.

This North Shore exterior commercial paint job completely reimagined the aesthetic of the building. Now bold and eye-catching, "The Stop" is recognized by all passersby.  

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